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This website provides information on the work of the Local Government Reform Working Party established in late 2012 with the intent to examine options that could result in an application for reorganisation to the Local Government Commission. The Working Party comprised Greater Wellington Regional Council, Porirua City Council, Kapiti Coast District Council and Wellington City Council. This site contains information on the Working Party's process, resources, report, submissions, analysis and links to other useful material. The Working Party completed its work in June 2013.

Working Party Models for Change

The Working Party proposed two possible models for change. One was a council and optional community boards; the other was a governing council and mandatory local boards. Both would work for either the whole region as it currently stands, or exclude Wairarapa. The alternative was to stay with the status quo.

Working Party Submissions and Analysis

In April and May 2013, the Working Party sought public views on the report. The submissions (in 4 volumes) and analysis of submissions are available on the News page along with media statements.  The Local Government Reform Working Party did not conduct a survey.  Three councils of the Working Party, however, (Wellington, Kapiti and Porirua) each conducted surveys of their residents to further inform their decision making. 

Subsequent decisions of the councils of the Local Government Reform Working Party

Following the Working Party's joint regional consultation and analysis, and the councils own local consultation, each council made a decision on their approach to regional governance. At that point, the work of the Working Party was completed. The decisions of the Working party councils are described briefly below:

Wellington City Council - on 6 June 2013, WCC resolved to make an alternative application for a single tier metropolitan model, excluding Wairarapa. See the WCC Regional Governance Review page with access to its decision papers and alternative.

Kapiti Coast District Council - on 6 June 2013, KCDC resolved to support an improved status quo model. If the Commission put forward a single council as the preferred structure, however, then Kapiti agreed it would favour a two tier option. See the KCDC order paper.

Greater Wellington Regional Council - on 12 June 2013, GWRC resolved to submit an application to the Commission for a unitary authority with local boards for the Wellington region, including Wairarapa. See the GWRC order paper. See also the GWRC application made on 21 June 2013.

Porirua City Council - on 19 June 2013, PCC agreed to support Greater Wellington Regional Council’s application to the Local Government Commission for a two-tier, one council model for the Wellington region, but with a different view on Wairarapa. Porirua provided a letter of support to Greater Wellington with the caveat that the Local Government Commission is best placed to make the final decision on the form of local government in Wairarapa. See the PCC order paper.

Other positions on regional governance

Other councils in the region have conducted their own assessment and investigations on local government function and form:

    • See the joint application to the Local Government Commission from the three Wairarapa district councils
    •  See the regional governance papers of Hutt City Council
    • Search the Upper Hutt City Council website for its position on regional governance

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